Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tell-All Tuesday: I'm Obsessed with Rhinos

A photo with the rhino at the zoo. According to my mom the rhino was hiding all day, and I insisted on waiting to see it. The people at the zoo said that it wouldn't be coming out, but sure enough it made an appearance for me.
Alright, so I know this Tuesday's confession is not all that juicy, but it is still something that I consider to be a little odd and different about myself. I have absolutely loved rhinos for as long as I can remember. When most little girls are asked what their favorite animal is, they will excitedly tell you something like a bunny rabbit, or a horse, or maybe soft cuddly kittens! Cats most definitely do come in as a close second for me, simply because they are just all around awesome creatures, but also because they are undeniably cute...

My cat Balto in one of his usual sleeping positions.
...and they love boxes, adding to their undeniable cuteness...
My brother's cat Shasta (more commonly known as Large) enjoying a holiday puzzle.
The moment my mom discovered the reason why there had been so much cat hair in her lettuce for the past few weeks.

...and lastly, because they can make for some adorable baby entertainment. 
Ellie and Balto discovering a balloon together.
While "cute" might not be the first word that comes to mind when most people think of rhinos, I have always found them to be adorable, especially the babies. Those sweet round little noses with stubs for horns and curious hairy little ears are irresistible! Have you ever watched a video of a baby rhino clumsily running or playing? If not you should, you will smile about it all day. It is truly saddening to know that rhinos are almost extinct. I can't believe the cruelty that people are willing to inflict on innocent creatures for the sake of money. It is sickening.

My rhino obsession and collection started at a young age, when I was given a stuffed animal rhino from Santa that I decided, with the help of my older sister Sara, to name Aaliyah. It seemed that from then on, the only gifts I received for any occasion were rhino things, and honestly that was how I wanted it. My collection grew and grew, and today I have hundreds of rhino related possessions, from stuffed animals and figurines to books and Christmas ornaments. I don't actively collect rhino things anymore, unless someone I am close to passes one on to me, or I see something adorable that I just can't resist of course. You might now be wondering if my house looks like I belong on the depressing show that makes us all feel a little better about the clutter we might have a little of called Hoarding Buried Alive, but don't fear, they are all packed away in bags and boxes. Well most of them at least. 

A photo of me with Aaliyah.
My rhino snout, no big deal.
I have been anxiously waiting for Ellie to start leaning towards liking one animal more than the others, to find out what her "rhino" might be, but she seems to just like them all in general as of yet. Those who knew of my obsession made sure to start her on the right track with various rhino books and stuffed rhinos though, so she has a fair chance of following in mommy's footsteps ;)

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