Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Ever Alsip Family Tree Hunt!

What a perfect way to end a perfect weekend. Believe it or not, we have never had a Christmas tree as a family. We have always just assumed that our place is too small for a tree anyway, and I usually spend my Christmas, and really most of the Holiday season for that matter, at my parent's house. My sisters usually come home for Christmas, and of course I would want to spend every last second of my time with them while I can. I never know when I might not have that chance anymore, and that became even more apparent after my brother's death. Not to mention my parent's house is always the coziest, most gorgeously decorated house for the holiday season. It brings back the best memories of Christmas time as a kid. An eclectic mix of Christmas tunes playing, decorating the absolute best old-fashioned sugar cookies around, doing puzzles with my siblings, watching Christmas classics like Rudolph and A Muppet Family Christmas, and so many more. Nothing better.

Last year was the first year that I spent Christmas morning at my own house, with my own little family, and I loved it. Part of me was missing my family at my parent's house, but I was able to see them for the rest of the day, and watching Kevin bring Ellie down the stairs to open stockings Christmas morning was absolutely amazing. I love being able to start our own little traditions as a new family. The only thing missing from it all? A Christmas tree covered in lights and ornaments. This year we decided to complete Christmas time at our own place with a tree, and I am so excited!

We bundled Ellie up and ventured out to Donovan's Christmas Tree Farm to look for the perfect tiny tree to fit in our little place. The owner of the property was the officiant at our wedding, so it was fun to sort of go back to a little bit of where our little life as a family began. The rain miraculously quit for the time that we walked around the farm, and started up again when we were done. We picked out and cut down the perfect little tree (by "we" cut I of course mean "Kevin" cut), fought the urge to drink all of the free hot chocolate, took a little tractor ride with jingle bells that Ellie loved and then packed up and headed home. I obviously took more photos than necessary like usual. Time to decorate!
Getting Ellie ready to go!
On the hunt.

Still searching.

An Ellie sized tree :)

We found it! Ellie wasn't feeling like standing still for a photo, shocking I know.

My little family.

On the tractor ride.
The tree! It's still a work in progress but I love it so far.


  1. Such a beautiful tree! We are hopefully getting our this weekend!

    1. Thanks Brynna. That's awesome, have fun! I will cross my fingers for no rain ;)