Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day

I love snow! I am one of those people that absolutely HATES being cold, but for some reason I just love the snow. Usually when our little town gets a weather forecast involving snow I expect to wake up to a disappointing half of an inch or so, if that even, lightly dusted outside. Okay I will admit it I actually get really excited, like Christmas morning when you are 5 years old excited, for any amount of snow :). When I looked outside this morning I couldn't believe it! It's a good thing I wasn't up before Ellie was because I probably would have gone running into her room and ripped the curtains open just to show her. I was pretty happy when I did show her the winter wonderland outside of her window and she actually reciprocated my excitement though. I rushed her through breakfast and stuffed her into about 5 layers plus a jacket (we don't have a snowsuit for her) and hurried us out the door. The poor child probably thought there was some sort of worldwide crisis occurring. Nope, just snow. Lots and lots of snow!
Mom I can't move my arms what are we doing?

I don't know who had more fun: Winston in the snow, or Ellie watching Winston in the snow.

Getting buried.

My little snowball. She could hardly walk in the deep snow and kept saying "uh uh stuck, stuck."
Back inside getting warm.
Time for a hot chocolate picnic! Or maybe a nap...
I love her bear bottom :)

Rhino joined us while the water was heating.

Yes please!

Can't leave reindeer out mom.

Watching the neighbor boy shovel snow.

Kiss please!
Okay it's officially nap time.
An added bonus, OSU closed today around noon and Kevin got to come home early for half of a snow day! Now we are just waiting for this little sleepyhead to wake up for round 2. Happy Friday!

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