Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tree Update!

Our first family tree is finally complete, and I couldn't be happier with it!
Ellie is in love with the bright colorful lights and various ornaments that seem to be constantly calling her name. She is working so hard on not yanking them from the tree every time I turn the corner into the kitchen, and has been doing such a good job, but I know that when I am cooking and a mysterious silence has all of a sudden fallen upon the house that they have gotten the best of her. If I call her name or pop my head back around the corner she will come running towards me rambling something that includes "no no no no thank you" and other bits and pieces that I cannot understand, trying to pretend like nothing was happening. But boy does she know how to turn on that "but I am so cute you couldn't be mad at me" face once she knows she has been caught. On the bright side, she seems to be learning her colors by looking at the lights so much :). Also my mom, being the wise and experienced mother she is, got Ellie her very own ornament that resembles more of a small stuffed animal than a breakable ornament that she can put on and take off of the tree (or really do whatever she wants with) whenever she pleases.

Ellie's ornament from Maamaw.
This has helped immensely with the ornament snatching, but I still can't seem to break her of the branch-bouncing habit that leaves me tearing my hair out when I see all of the pine needles on the floor. I think I might have obsessive vacuuming disorder (a self diagnosed condition of course) but I have the same feelings about the dog hair all over the floor and end up vacuuming at least two times a day. Anyway, our home now feels so festive, I love just sitting on the couch and taking it all in at night, not to mention seeing the joy and amazement in Ellie's little face every time she sees it all.

Trying not to grab the forbidden reindeer.
Hanging her penguin up.
And taking him down.
Finding a new spot!
A jingle bell! The best little toddler toy ever by the way.

Some of my favorite ornaments:

Obviously ;)
So cute!

My new ornament this year. My mom gets my siblings and me a new ornament every year. I love the tradition, especially since I wouldn't have a beautifully full tree if it weren't for them!

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