Wednesday, April 2, 2014

19 Weeks

How far along: 19 weeks 4 days

The Bambean's size: 6 inches, 8 ounces. Baby is about the size of a mango.

Maternity clothes: I don't think I have made it out of my pajamas this week.

Sleep: Yes pleeeeaaaaasssse. Sleep has been a distant memory lately. Ellie got sick on Sunday morning, and then I inevitably caught something that I can only describe as death in the form of a throbbing sore throat and a cough that rips my throat even more raw, even when I think there can't possibly even be tissue left in there anymore. I pretty much haven't slept for more than 20-30 minutes straight since Wednesday night. I'm feeling a little craaaazzzyyyy, and a lot of pain. I have found myself at the kitchen sink at 2 or 3 in the morning most nights gargling salt water while mixing honey in my tea, texting doctor seester Sara for advice and searching the cabinets for marshmallows because someone somewhere on the internet claimed that they help, and I will try pretty much anything at this point.

Cravings/aversions: Well I probably won't want tea or chicken soup for quite sometime now. I still haven't gotten tired of my popsicles yet though.

Pregnancy Symptoms: A lot of growing and stretching. Also the stairs make me breathe like I just ran a marathon on most days.

Best moment(s) this last week: Pretty much anything before illness struck. Seriously though, I did get to see my dear friend Jen and her lovely family (minus Ecca, boo) and eat delicious food and chat wedding things which was fun. Yes, I consumed about half (or more) of the bowl of Deb's salsa all to myself and yes, it was magnificent.

Movement: Bambean likes basketball and gets rowdy when Kevin watches the Blazers on TV just like Ellie used to in there :) I have been enjoying actually feeling the kicks and jabs from the outside of my belly now too. This is something I have been spending a lot of time doing at all hours of the day/night when I am not busy concocting home remedies in the kitchen or desperately searching the internet to see if I am dying of cancer or not.

Gender Prediction: Bambin-O.

Belly button in or out: In.

Happy or moody: Moody for sure. Pregnancy hormones + extreme pain + no sleep = sorry Kevin, I love you.

Looking forward to: Sleeping again. 

Bumpity Bump:

The Bambean and Me this morning in all of our sickness glory.

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