Sunday, July 20, 2014

35 Weeks

How far along: Welp, it has officially happened. I have fully missed an entire week's update. I'm actually kind of impressed that I made it this far without that happening yet, even though last week was a pretty close call. I am 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. If this baby is like big sister Ellie, it will decide to break my water in exactly one week from today. I can honestly say that I am NOT ready! Eek! Please keep cooking little one. 

The Bambean's size: 19-22 inches and 5.5 pounds. Baby is as big as a large cantaloupe.

Maternity clothes: I have kind of run out of things to wear besides my trusty dresses and a pair of extremely comfortable maternity shorts, but it is pretty pointless to buy anything at this point.

Sleep: Ellie is still waking up crying a lot at night, I think from nightmares. That combined with bathroom trips, well I have explained this one before... I am tired.

Cravings/aversions: A vanilla ice cream and chocolate crunch bar sounds reeeaalllly good lately.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Swelling and fatigue have really been getting to me lately. I also have some lovely skin spots that are darkening, as well as a few of those dreaded stretch marks :( I'm sweaty, large, gassy, forgetful, and haven't shaved my legs in forever and a day. Life is pretty glamorous.   

Best moment(s) this last week: We have had a lot going on lately! We went up to Seattle for a few days last weekend and stayed in a house that my relatives from Texas had rented. Sara is living there now too, so we got to spend some good time with her as well, and see her new place for the first time. The mid 90 degree weather unfortunately followed us up there, and made for some pretty uncomfortable pregnancy moments. Also Ellie did not do very well sleeping in a strange place or riding in her carseat for an extended period of time, resulting in quite an exhausting weekend. It was still really fun and way worth it to see my relatives that I never get to see and spend time with Kevin, Ellie, Sara, my mom, and Kelci too.
We spent a day at the Seattle Zoo where Ellie had so much fun seeing all of the animals, and being a turtle :) I, on the other hand, ended up drenched in sweat with swollen fingers and contractions by the end of it all, not to mention they didn't even have a rhino! I couldn't believe it, a zoo without a rhino. It was still fun though, and so worth it to spend time with everyone and see Ellie's face light up at the sight of every little thing.
My best friend Jennifer got married yesterday!!! Twice... and they were both such beautiful ceremonies. The first was in a pretty little church where Ellie got to be a part of the big day by throwing rose petals as she walked down the aisle. She was pretty funny to watch, walking a few steps and then turning around to wind up and chuck a petal behind her before turning forward again to repeat the process. The second ceremony was outside, where Jennifer and David shared their own personally written vows that of course made me cry. Jen looked so amazingly beautiful, and the love between her and David was so obviously strong and real, it was really inspiring. The reception was a ton of fun with amazing live music, fun dancing and people, and yummy food :) 

Dancing with daddy
My handsome date :)
The bride and groom.

Movement: Bambean seems to spend a lot of time a bit sideways lately, which is helpful in terms of avoiding little feet in my ribs, but a little bit uncomfortable being stretched out to the sides so much. Also head down, which is often confirmed by the hiccups I feel lower down toward my pelvis.

Gender Prediction: I still feel that baby is a boy, but I have found a lot of people calling it a she lately without thinking. This is probably just because they are used to me already having a little "she" or "her" but it is still amusing :)

Belly button in or out: Both but mostly out.

Happy or moody: Both.

Looking forward to: Meeting baby Bryson!!!!!!

Bumpity Bump:

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