Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ellie's Pink and Gold Dinosaur Party

Ellie has a slight obsession with dinosaurs lately, so when we decided to have a party for her third birthday, I couldn't help but use them as a theme. I wanted to mix it up a little bit, so I decided to be a little unconventional and decorate a pink and gold "girly" dinosaur party. The ideas of gold T-rexes and pink flowery dinosaur cookies were just too exciting for me to resist. I absolutely love putting my creativity, which quite honestly has been put on the back burner lately since adopting the Monny title, to work on things like this. I wanted to share a few photos of the girly dinosaur party decor that I had so much fun putting together. 

These were the invitations that had to "hatch" out of their dinosaur eggs, along with some fun confetti of course. I am such a nerd. And yes, I eat a lot of eggs.

This one time, I scooped ice cream and decorated cakes at Baskin Robbins for a living. Making and decorating these cookies sure brought me back! 

The set-up, pre chips and dip and veggie straws (those things are amazing by the way, if you haven't tried them you need to right now)

I used this cute little printable for the cupcakes.

Finally, the Elliesaurus birthday girl, before she turned into a raging, sugar-fueled maniac. We love you so much Little Bean! Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Thank you to everyone that helped us celebrate, it was such a blast. A definite whirlwind of crazy chaos, but so much fun. I wish I had remembered to capture pictures during the party, but honestly, they probably would have just been a blurry mess anyway. Three year olds sure don't stop moving. Ever. 
Now to go find a spot somewhere in my house to display that awesome gold T-Rex...