Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tell-All Tuesday: I Dance with Ellie Like No One is Watching

I often worry too much about what others might think of me. This is something that I have been working on for years, and I have found that the less effort I spend on worrying about other people's thoughts, the happier I am overall. It is really a self-absorbed thing to do, to just assume that everyone is thinking something about you, positive or negative. In reality, people usually have a million other things to occupy their minds other than yourself. If they really are thinking things about you, bad or good, does this really matter at the end of the day anyway? This concept is probably something that comes with time, life experiences and maturity. I think back to when I was a teenager in middle or high school, for example, when my problems were so small yet seemed so huge because the whole world obviously revolved around me and my little life. I had to say just the right things and wear just the right clothes, because everyone around me noticed my every move...in my own mind at least. I think I spent my entire teenage years wasting time on what other people thought about me, when I could have been focusing that energy on happiness and what I truly wanted in life for myself, not what I thought I should want based on what other people's opinions may or may not have been.

This has obviously changed over time, and to be honest I think that the biggest shift in my "I don't give a damn I want to focus on what's best for me" attitude has come from starting a family. Maybe it stems from the fact that once you start growing a human inside of you, you really don't have a choice but to not care about much else in life because you are so exhausted and emotional that you go into a sort of survival mode. You find what works best to keep yourself happy and healthy, because you know that is what will keep that little life inside of you happy and healthy as well, and that seems to be all that matters anymore. I remember thinking, especially in my first trimester, do I get up earlier to do my hair and makeup before work to look good for other people? Heck no! I am sleeping until that very last second possible. Then after I had Ellie, do I worry about what people are going to think if they come to visit and my house is a mess? Pssshh no way, I have just about a million other things to focus on right now instead. Now I am not saying that these thoughts don't get the best of me every once in a while, nor am I saying that letting go and going completely in the other direction and really not giving a rat's ass about anything in your life anymore is a healthier option, but just that I have found that the less time I spend focusing on and worrying about what other people might think about me or the things I do, the more fun I tend to have. Also that having a baby just kind of forces you into this mindset sometimes, which isn't always a bad thing.

Ellie's favorite activity to pass the time these days seems to be music and dancing. She just can't get enough of it. She will gather a few of my scarves that I had brought downstairs one time to add a little interest to our dance parties (I highly recommend trying this if you haven't, Ellie goes crazy for it) and walk over to our TV cabinet where the stereo is kept. She will point at it while looking longingly at me saying "music, music music?" I typically plug my phone in and play Pandora, but the radio will do the trick sometimes too. We then spend the next half hour or so dancing around the living room twirling scarves without a care in the world, and I absolutely love it. In the past I probably would never have participated in something like this (with someone else around at least) but there is just something about a toddler's nonjudgmental, idolizing little personality that will make you do just about anything. I'm sure it looks a little crazy to the neighbors walking by, but I really don't care. We have fun with it and that is what matters.

Ellie's favorite songs right now are Timber by Pitbull and Royals by Lorde, but she will dance to just about anything :) Another plus about dancing around in your living room like a crazy person is that it is one heck of a workout. I don't know how Ellie does it but I am always out of breath while she appears as if she could go for days!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hawaii Pictures

Here is a plethora of photos that were taken on our trip to Hawaii. I pretty much haven't been able to get warm again since I left...

Happy Monday! A quote that I like:

"There are some things so dear, some things so precious, some things so eternally true, that they are worth dying for. And I submit to you that if a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live."
            -Martin Luther King, Jr.

On land again at last! A lei from Great Grandma.
Heading out to see a beach right away.
Officially soaked.
Diaper time!
In our makeshift towel toga.
Dancing to the Ukulele.
Trying to hula.
Checking out the view.
We took a walk through this National Historical Park. Kevin's Grandma was basically our personal tour guide of the royal grounds :)
We were invited by a gentleman that more than lived up to his name, Kindness, for a tangelo juicing experience. I found this awesome cat in a basket upon arrival.

He also had a place where he kept rescued stray cats and gave them food and shelter.
They were friendly little fellas!
Picking the tangelos.
I just about pooped myself when I saw this through my lens.
Time to make juice!
Some Titi love.
This stuff is like liquid gold. So much delicious, fresh, amazing liquid gold!
Not a bad view.
Making friends.
This was such a beautiful beach.
Sleepy girl.
Recharged and ready for more!
At an awesome cafe for breakfast on the beach.
Ellie's first soft-serve cone :)
Time to head home :( We had fun Hawaii!