Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Emery's Nursery

I have finally finished putting little Em's nursery together, and I am so excited that it is actually complete! I am only about...nine months late? Kind of funny, that is about the amount of time that I carried the little bug in my tummy for. Yikes, time is skipping on ahead no matter how hard I wish it not to. This nursery was SUPPOSED to be brand new and ready for a squishy little newborn, and is now instead where my almost-walking and kind of talking (kitty kitty, bye bye and mama totally count right?) nine month old sleeps.

I'm not entirely sure what I would even call the theme or decor of this nursery. Eclectic feather fox maybe? I was mostly inspired by the gold and jewel tones in the glittery feather garland that I made for the wall space above the crib. My initial plan for the room was a gender neutral woodland animal theme. I kind of got stuck on foxes, and then of course some bunnies with a little bit of help from my sister Kelci. I have recently come to the conclusion that I fill my Kelci void with bunny things (they are her favorite animal, she is absolutely obsessed) and have accumulated bunny themed items ranging from throw pillows to Emery's snuggle blanket. Anyway, here are some photos of Emery's finally completed room. I know it is kind of a random mix of things, but I absolutely love it all! It feels so good to have that beautiful chaos migrate from my mind to real life.

The giraffe painting was a gift from my talented sister Kelci. The fox on the lower left was a thank you card from the Kimbles that I hung onto because I liked it so much (Thanks guys!). I painted the little orange fox on the bottom right, and the other four were free printables that I found on Pinterest. Twinkle Twinkle, Feathers, E print, and the "Little Bug" print I created from this neat website that lets you shape a bunch of words into any shape that you want.

The beautiful fox cross stitch was a gift for Emery from Grandma Lisa.

I love these cute little blocks from Little Sapling Toys.

I collected this colorful basket from IKEA, and super soft and beautiful blanket by Busy Spinning Thread.

Another gorgeous piece from the talented Kelci.

My absolute favorite picture of when I first put up the feathers for Emery.
Emery's favorite elephant that she enjoys talking to every morning.

I found this sweet snuggle blanket online from H&M. It is sooooo soft, and the perfect little size. And of course, covered in adorable little bunny rabbits :)

And now for fun, here are a few photos that I snapped of what the room looked like before we fixed up the house. 

Decorating nurseries is my jam. It makes me so giddy inside. Thanks for checking it out!


  1. It's adorable all you've created and found for Emery's room! Love all the personal artwork too --- yay you and Kelci! Thanks for the peek into your home, and the stories behind what you've done :). xo